last updated 04/03/23

About me

I was born in Glasgow but now live and paint in scenic County Wicklow, Ireland. I have a degree in Computer Science and worked at Strathclyde University for over 10 years before pursuing a painting career. Primarily self taught and inspired by the great painters of the past, I learnt my craft studying and copying their work; from the layered approach of Italian masters such as Caravaggio and Titian to the more direct work of later artists.

The Glasgow Boys, notably George Henry and William Guthrie, are also key influences. Before moving to Ireland, I was an elected artist member of the historic Glasgow Art Club where the Glasgow Boys frequented.

My paintings have attracted attention from collectors across the UK and America and have been used in various advertising campaigns and exhibitions.

I work primarily in oils, painting a variety of subjects, but particularly enjoy the still life and the subtleties of colour, tone and shape that nature presents under a neutral light. There is a beauty in that subtlety and my goal is to reflect that in as honest and direct a way as possible.

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